For Ocean Shores City Council, Pos. 7

"Five Star Service" and a Long Term Vision for Prosperity

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Elect Rich Hartman

About Rich

As a 24-year resident of Grays Harbor Rich Hartman has a passion for Grays Harbor and Ocean Shores. Rich is a married father of two daughters who enjoys his work, golfing, and travel. Rich is a well-known community businessman who has spent his career solving problems and prioritizing Five Star customer service while managing over 160 employees. He now wants to serve his community and pledges this same commitment to excellent customer service that has guided his company for over two decades as your next Ocean Shores City Councilman.

A long term vision and passion for Ocean Shores

Why Rich is running to serve on your city council

In this post-Covid world, it is critical to have city leaders with a long-term vision and a passion for our community. Rich Hartman hopes to build an even better Ocean Shores, fostering a welcoming, family-friendly vibrant Ocean Shores, a gem of the Pacific Northwest.

Rich's Pledge & Priorities

  • Accountability & Responsiveness

    Rich promises to maintain the same commitment to accountability and responsiveness that has been the touchstone of his 24 years of business in Grays Harbor. Rich is a problem solver and will always encourage engagement and civil conversations with all.

  • Transparency & Collaboration

    Rich pledges to collaborate with other council members, the mayor, department heads and citizens to negotiate common ground solutions, so decisions can be made, moving the city forward.

  • Fiscal Responsibility

    Rich will work to maximize efficiency & stretch your tax payer dollars to help our city move forward resisting raising taxes and fees that weigh so heavily on our small businesses and families in this post Covid world.

  • Safety & Accessibility

    Rich will prioritize making downtown Ocean Shores accessible, safe, and family friendly; comfortable for its residents and welcoming to businesses and tourists.

  • The Environment

    Rich will prioritize enforcing responsible building codes and ordinances, and will encourage continued investment in maintaining our fresh waterways, beaches, and golf course, for the enjoyment of all. Rich pledges to drive the city to work with the Quinault Nation to revitalize the boat launch in the marina.

  • Modernization

    Ensuring our infrastructure and recreational spaces are world-class, such as our golf course, bike paths and walkways. And, that they are maintained for future generations.

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