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Broad support from around the community


As a well known community leader with a proven track record, Rich has the support of lawmakers, businesses and working families in Ocean Shores.

"Rich Hartman has been a difference maker in our region - creating jobs, supporting local non-profits and engaging on issues that matter to the community. I know he'll work hard for the people of Ocean Shores and I'm proud to support him."
Derek Kilmer
US Representative (WA 6th Congressional District)
"I have known and worked with Rich Hartman for more than 20 years. I'm grateful for our personal and professional relationship. We have been each other's sounding boards during many conversations regarding various topics. We don't always agree, but we can share perspectives with one another and leave the discussions more informed and broader-minded. When you respect and trust someone, you know you can call them about anything, even our Toyota Tacoma and Chevy Malibu. It's not enough to say electing Rich Hartman would be good for Ocean Shores, I truly believe having him on the City Council would be a GR8DEAL!"
vickie jpg
Vickie Raines
Grays Harbor County Commissioner
"I was a City of Aberdeen employee for 45 years and have known Rich since he moved to Aberdeen and opened Five Star. He would be an amazing addition to the Ocean Shores City Council. He has supported many organizations in Grays Harbor. I talked with him many times about city issues or needs in Aberdeen and I cannot think of one time he was not willing to help. Certainly had a Community oriented philosophy."
Dave Timmons
Commissioner, Grays Harbor PUD
"I can’t say enough good things about Rich Hartman. We served together on the Board of Trustees at the Ocean Shores Community Club. I watched Rich exhibit concern for his community, be a team player, respect others’ opinions, and he always sought solutions to problems. Rich continually made valuable contributions and was someone who saw the “big picture”. Rich’s years as a successful businessman with vast experience speak for themselves. Ocean Shores should be grateful we have a City Council candidate like Rich Hartman. I can wholeheartedly recommend Rich Hartman for City Council"
Jane Swygard
Ocean City Resident
"I have known Rich Hartman for over 20 years and have both professional and personal relationships with him. He is always above reproach and strives to create a fairness that is rare in the business world. Rich is a person that manages to bring balance and integrity in everything that he does. I endorse Rich because I know that Rich will work hard to bring a common sense, balanced, bipartisanship approach to the City Council and will thoughtfully look at all sides of the issues that our City faces. He is forward thinking and is sensitive to the needs of the residents of our community."
pat brunstad
Pat Brunstad
CEO, Oyhut Bay
"Rich Hartman has been a familiar face to most everyone in Ocean Shores. Getting to know him as a neighbor since 2005 has sometimes almost been challenging, due to his continuing involvement in the community. If it isn’t for the benefit of Ocean Shores, his commitments are for the future of the surrounding communities. Rich’s friendship, dedication, and passion towards the Ocean Shores community should be recognized by making sure he will be elected to the #7 position of the Ocean Shores City Council, working for you, your families, and neighbors."'
dee may
Dee May
Ocean Shores Resident
"I had the pleasure of working closely with Rich Hartman on several projects during the period that he served on the Board of Trustees for the Ocean Shores Community Club. I served as the Club’s Attorney during the same period. Rich is a leader. The other eight Trustees clearly valued Rich’s opinions regarding issues that came before the Board. Rich has a keen analytical mind. He has the ability to identify central issues and develop smart resolutions to problems. I strongly endorse Rich Hartman’s candidacy for a position on the City Council of Ocean Shores."
Mike Valdez
Attorney at Law
"Rich Hartman has been supporting our community for years. His dealerships provide economic activity and jobs on the Harbor. His support of public events and private charities has improved the lives of local people. He'll bring a business person's practicality and common sense to the Ocean Shores City Council. I encourage Ocean Shores voters to support Rich Hartman."
rep jim walsh
Jim Walsh
WA State Representative (19th Legislative District)
"I've worked with Rich over the years on different projects and it's always a pleasure. It is encouraging to see that Rich Hartman is running for Ocean Shores City Council"
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Steve Tharinger
WA State Representative (24th Legislative District)
"I am happy to see that Rich Hartman is running for Ocean Shores City Council, and I am pleased to endorse his candidacy. I have known Rich for over 20 years, working with him in planning events for his business Five Star Dealerships, and for United Way of Grays Harbor, for which Rich has been a driving force over the years. During those times I was impressed with his leadership, communication skills, kindness, fairness, and integrity. Rich has the kind of people skills and knowledge of Grays Harbor County and Ocean Shores that we need on our city council, in order for us to grow into the successful community Ocean Shores is meant to be."
Nikki Hoggan
Nikki Hoggan
Ocean Shores Resident
"Rich Hartman gives new meaning to being involved in the community. He serves in many ways, always supporting the greater Grays Harbor area, donating time and resources wherever needed. Rich has been a longtime supporter of and property owner in Ocean Shores & I believe he will be an invaluable addition to the City Council."
jessie ellis
Jessie Ellis
Managing Broker, John L Scott
"I stand behind and support Rich Hartman for Ocean Shores City Council."
rick scott jpg
Rick Scott
Grays Harbor County
“It has been an honor to work alongside Rich Hartman for over 6 years. His compassion for and dedication to all those in Grays Harbor County is absolutely amazing and unwavering. I have no doubt he will serve the Ocean Shores residents with the utmost respect and integrity. Deep down he truly wants our communities to be healthy and thriving and I admire his willingness to roll up his sleeves to help make that happen. I appreciate his ability to lean in and listen and bring together multiple stakeholders with a variety of expertise and perspectives to work through the tough issues. He is not afraid to try something new, and always approaches challenge with commitment, earnestness and enthusiasm.”
Kelley McDonald
Executive Director, United Way Grays Harbor
"I have known Rich Hartman for several years and have found him to possess two critically important qualities of our future city council person… 1) an extremely successful business history and 2) a history of caring about and supporting Ocean Shores. I endorse his candidacy and am grateful that he is seeking election."
Jim Donahoe
Branch Mgr. Windermere Real Estate Ocean Shores
"I have known Rich Hartman for over 10 years. During that time I have found him to be both an ethical and enthusiastic community leader. He really has a heart for the people of Grays Harbor and particularly Ocean Shores. I think he would make a great city council member. He has my support in his effort to help make a positive difference for our City."
don kajans jpg
Don Kajans
Former QBR CEO
"I’ve know Rich for over 20 years now and have not met a kinder and humbler person. He gives to every cause that comes along. He donates courtesy vans to our Irish music festival every year. He sponsors many local festivals himself. He runs one of the most successful businesses in Grays Harbor and employs a lot of local people with good paying jobs. I couldn’t think of a better city councilman for Ocean Shores than him."
liam gibbons jpg
Liam Gibbons
Galway Bay Irish Pub
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